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Do the best things really come to those who wait?

(I take part in a writing group called Five Minute Friday. Each week, they gave writers a one-word prompt. The writers write on the prompt for a timed five-minute period and post it unedited. This week's word: Fast)

I watched a time-lapse video of the opening of a flower. It took a few days for that flower to bloom, but the video allowed the viewer to witness the entire event in under five seconds. As a society, we are used to that instant gratification. Get it and get it fast.

When I was a young girl, I would look at my grandparent’s national parks coffee-table book. I would slowly turn the pages and marvel at images like Glacier National Park and Devil’s Tower, out of reach dreams for a girl who was poor living in a big city.

Forty years later, I stood with my feet on top of colorful rocks in the frigid water of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, peering up the magnificent mountain range, reflecting the amber sunset. It was a sight to behold, which still leaves me with inadequate words of description.

God dreamed bigger for me than I could ever have for myself. He got me there to the site of awe and wonder and the journey was slow, forty years. It was well worth the wait. Some things we need fast. Some things we need to do fast. But the things that really matter deep in our soul, the journey to the top of a mountain, the degree which took years to earn, the birth of your children; those things take time.

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