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I belong to a writing group called Five minute Friday. Each week they give us one word and we have 5 minutes to write on that topic. We then share our unedited writing with others in the group. The word for this week is: She.

She was born into a family who was supposed to love her. They fed, rocked and changed her. Soon after, as a little girl, dishes flew before her and crashed onto plaster walls. She reached up her hand to find solace in theirs, but they were nowhere to be found. She got used to their withdrawal and deemed herself unworthy of love. Then one day she heard a whisper from the One who was always with her. "I adopted you, my daughter." She found love and comfort she had never known. Her Father showed her she was fearfully and wonderfully made. He made her worthy of the purest love. She was redeemed.

#fiveminutefriday #tinapizor #redeemed

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